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What Is an LMS, and How Does It Work?

An LMS is a platform for digital learning. Its key features can be found in the abbreviation.

L — Learning. With a learning management system, you can create a single source of online courses and training materials. This will become a unique source of knowledge in your area, so that you can keep and increase the in-house expertise of your company.

M — Management. You can manage courses and learners, and even improve your own efficiency.

Unlike file sharing services, an LMS is not just a heap of files; on the contrary, it’s a well-organized system through which you manage the employee training process. To start training, simply add employees and assign courses.

S — System. Computer system, to be precise. An LMS automates the most boring and tedious work, such as grading, processing statistics, analytics, and preparing reports. Plus, you can train your employees without leaving the office, managing all the processes right from your work computer.

Who Uses an LMS?

Large Enterprises

Large companies need to continually train hundreds and even thousands of employees from different affiliates. Many of them use learning platforms to keep resellers, franchises, and other sales channels up to date on product releases, compliance requirements, and more.

Small- and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs)

Do you think that an LMS is only for large enterprises? Now, even a small company can launch eLearning to educate employees and develop their skills with fewer human resources and training costs. By empowering their staff with technology, they scale the growth of their business and adapt to the constantly changing market.

Among the other LMS users there are nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions.

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